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Peer Evaluation and Tenure Committee


The Peer Evaluation and Tenure Committee has primary responsibility for conducting review for reappointment, tenure and post tenure for all full-time, tenure-track library faculty, and advises the Dean of University Libraries concerning those individuals being reviewed for reappointment, tenure and post tenure.
The Committee consists of five members of the full-time, tenured library faculty, elected to staggered three-years terms. After having served a full term, no faculty member will be eligible for re-election to the Committee for one full year.​
The Committee develops and periodically reviews the processes and procedures for performance reviews, reappointment review, tenure review and post tenure review, such procedures being reported to and adopted by the Library Faculty, consistent with issued policies and procedures set forth in the Constitution and/or by the Office of the Provost.
The Committee develops calendars for reappointment and tenure review, based upon the requirements of the Office of the Provost.
  • Paul Hessling - Chair (2018)
  • Beth Ann Koelsch (2018)
  • David Gwynn (2019)
  • Erin Lawrimore (2020)
  • Christine Fischer (2020)
  • Mike Crumpton [Ex Officio]
Minutes of meetings for this committee will not appear online, as committee business is centered around personnel matters and generally of a confidential nature.

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